Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Good Gift for Guys - New Monogram Cards

I'm really excited! I just loaded up my first new grunge design for monogram cards. I stayed up till midnight on Monday getting these done. I think they'd be great for a guy OR a girl, particularly with the right color choices.

It seems that there's a shortage of items on Etsy that are fit for men besides scarves and handmade soap, so I decided to design a new line of grunge themed stationery as a departure from my cutesy side. Cards and calendars are coming to my shop soon.

I'm loving the free brushes I found with swirls, spatters, dots, as well as the cool fonts and such that I've pillaged from the web. You can Google "free fonts" and "free brushes eps" to get a lot of goodies that are nice for digital art, cards, scrapbooking, websites, and more!

I thought I'd try some neutral palletes first. Do you prefer neutral, or more brightly colored pallettes for your greeting cards? Tell me what you think.


  1. Thanks! I hope someone buys them. I can't believe I've had over 200 hits in the last 2 days on my Etsy shop for these, but no buyers. Maybe I should put the design on something else besides cards.