Friday, November 21, 2008

Warms Your Heart - 3rd Edition (ok 2nd Edition updates)

Well this is a few days late, but I did get my donation cards mailed out on Wednesday for 2 charities.

The first batch was 8 Thank You cards for the NICU parents to flyingnunns to help make the holidays a little easier. The Thank Yous are a chocolate brown with a taupe and brown snow-flakish medallion in the back. I also added a golden brown rhinestone for a little sprakle, and individually wrapped the card with the envelope using a dark chocolate heavy cardstock. Can you tell how much I love the word "chocolate"??

I also sent 2 sets of lovely Happy Holidays cards to Azaiez for the Princeton Public Service Auction. They'll be included in some nice baskets for donors to bid on, of which all proceeds will be donated to the Greater Donnelly Neighborhood Initiative, which supports after-school programs for tutoring and gang-resistance activities for the youth of North Trenton county New Jersey.

I sent one set of ice blue cards design with my medallion design with falling snowflakes and one set of chocolate design cards with the same medallion from the Thank Yous. On the blue cards I added a crystal clear rhinstone on both "H's" and for the brown cards a brown and gold rhinestone. Both sets were wrapped using coordinating heavy cardstock.


  1. Beautiful cards! Thanks so much for following my blog. Let me know what email address to send your freebie to!


  2. Gorgeous!!! I can't wait to get these, thank you so much! :D