Thursday, March 26, 2009

Print Your Own Stationery

I occasionaly got cards and letters from my Mom when I was away at college. It only took 27 cents to bring her love over so many miles to me. (Boy does that show my age or WHAT ?!?)

Going to the mail box is usually boring. Most of the time I just find bills and advertising. But every once in a while, I see an envelope with a real stamp and my address hand-written on it. I smile when I see it.......I know there's something special inside, from someone special I care about.

My mom inspired me to make my latest creation. After much labor, I've finally finished the first in my new line of print your own stationery. I think it gives people an economical way to to leave a note for Mom. It also saves some trees too by avoiding waste.

Hopefully, it'll make your mom smile :)

I'll be posting a tutorial later on this week about how I created this photo. It was way easier than you think, and for free.

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