Thursday, October 28, 2010

Woodland Wedding Ideas

Here's a lovely treasury of woodland themed items for a winter wedding.

I love the woodland theme....the colors are so cozy and intimate. Not to mention all the cute birds and acorns! This theme also lends itself well to DIY decorations without looking out of place in a too-elegant setting. Enjoy!


Friday, October 22, 2010

Attitude Check

This morning there was a stalled car blocking a lane... a lady in a Jetta. While everyone else was rushing to get around her (including me), a guy in a shirt & tie driving a Mercedes got out, pushed her car across the intersection & into a parking lot.
As I saw the man jog across the intersection and get back in his car, I felt a sudden pang of conviction for my bad attitude. Why am I in such a rush that I don't have time for compassion for my fellow human being? What if it had been my mother with that car stalled in the lane? I would definitely be greatful to a good Samaritan that helped her.
That guy in the Mercedes made an impression on me. Maybe if I had the attitude of helping people, instead of seeing them as annoying, I'd be driving the Mercedes. Share

Friday, October 15, 2010

Get a Short Facebook Page URL

Woohoo! I finally got enough Facebook fans to actually get a short & sweet page URL. Here she is!  You have to get 25 fans, and then go to (yes, exactly as shown) and you'll be given the option to set a username for your business pages.  Share

Peacock Printable Wedding Invitations

Printable Peacock Wedding Invitation

I just revived my Peacock Wedding Invitations, in printable form. There are two styles to choose from, and of course I will customize them to match any of your wedding colors. The set includes the invitations, an RSVP card, another enclosure card of your choice for directions or accomodations details (text only), and a envelope label for your return address for printing onto the front of your RSVP envelopes or on the back flap of your outer mailing envelopes. 

The printable invitations are available for purchase in my Etsy shop! Once I have all of your wedding information, I'll return a digital proof back to you in 48 hours. Share

Printable Peacock Wedding Invitation

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Off-beat Bride

Here's my latest treasury for the funky off-beat bride. No cutesy pink here! Great items for Goth, Halloween, dark themed, vampire or Twilight lovers! Click here to see all the great items. Share

Halloween / Off-beat Bride Wedding Ideas

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Autumn Bride

Here's my latest collection of autumn & fall bridal goods from all over Etsy. Click here to see all of the items in detail.  Share

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Life is Too Short to Worry

Don't worry, be happy!  Spend your energy on creating and being thankful and don't waste it on worrying.  See my newest favorite blog, White Hot Truth, for more inspiration.  Share

Monday, October 11, 2010

Creating an Online Wedding Registry

A lot of sellers (and buyers) have suggested many times on the Etsy forums for Etsy to create a wedding/baby registry for shoppers. 

You can actually create your own registry that anyone can view with items from multiple websites at Enjoy creating your Etsy Wedding Registry!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Testing Facebook "Share" button feature

Just givin' a blank post to test the Facebook "Share" code I found from the Facebook help menu.  Share

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Hankerchief Wedding Invites

I can't wait to see the photos from Nikki's wedding in late August! Nikki owns a PR company, you can see more about her wedding planning here. I designed her hankerchief wedding invites and wedding flags. Her photographer gave permission to use some photos taken from Nikki & Steve's engagement photo session.
I had them printed on organic cotton, and cut them out with a scallop edge fabric wheel. The RSVP postcards were professionally printed in matte heavy stock, and I printed the belly bands myself. The belly band is the picture above. The invite is below, then the RSVP card. Her guests made great comments about the invites, what do you think?

Monday, October 4, 2010

When Playing BIG, Old "Stuff" Will Come UP

The following is an article I got from Fabienne, I highly recommend signing up for her emails.

Many people have massive doubt about their ability to do something really big in this world, including myself up until recently. They wonder whether they have what it takes or whether they're "good enough." And recently, I talked to you about taking the great leap of faith, really expanding your vision of what's possible for your business, for your clients and for yourself, and ‘Going BIG or Going HOME'.

Now… that's all well and good, but what about ALL the emotions that arise when you take a great big leap of faith and step into your purpose? No one ever prepares us for that and it can be an uncomfortable process. You see, when you decide to step into your future in a BIG way, unexpected internal stuff comes up, even stuff you thought you'd ALREADY dealt with.

I’ve gone through this each time I was about to cross the threshold to the next level. You see, BEFORE we make a decision to go BIG, we have to get over our fear of failing miserably. But once we've actually made the decision to play a bigger game, then it makes way for lots of other feelings to come up.

As I was getting ready to launch a new direction of my company, along with a new branding, I was surprised to see lots of "old stuff" come up, despite all the mindset work I've done. I want to share some of it with you too, because as YOU begin to recognize your potential for magnificence in business and otherwise, and then act upon it, stuff might come up for you too (in fact, it inevitably will).

Here's a snapshot of what came up for me about a year ago:

"Will they really want what I'm going to be offering?"
"Perhaps I should just keep doing what I've been doing for years. At least I know I'm good at that."
"Maybe I shouldn't ‘break what ain't broke'; I mean, I'm doing really well now, why rock the boat?"
"What if I fail and humiliate myself in front of thousands of people. It's not worth it."
"What if they reject my new idea?"
"Can I really be THIS big?"
"Do I really have it within me to DO this?"
"I'm scared."

Just telling you about what came up for me back then makes me feel icky inside. But here's what I also observed. When you break it down, there really are only 2 emotions in the world: Love and Fear. And there are origins for each of those emotions.

Love comes from your higher self, Spirit, Universe, God (whatever you want to call it.) Love is safe, there is trust there, and it’s synonymous with Faith. And when you have faith, you cannot express fear. They cannot exist in the same place. And your source WANTS you to grow, to be bigger, to dare to dream an even bigger dream. In fact, Spirit is always championing you to get to the next level, if you'll just get out of the way.

Fear, on the other hand, comes from the ego. And the ego only wants to keep you small, to keep you "safe" by slowing down your progress, by stopping you, by keeping you under its thumb. This is the only way that your ego can survive, and it's by controlling you and keeping you down. Yuck.

Now, go back up to the list of things I was thinking and feeling last year and review them. You'll see that every one of them is based in fear. Which means that each of them is ego-driven.

But here's what you must know: fear doesn't really exist! Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real. And it's a bunch of nonsense, if you're willing to look beyond the fear as just a protection mechanism to keep you small. Who wants to be bullied by some little creepy ego to stay small anyway? Not me!

So if you can recognize that what you're experiencing or feeling is NOT REAL, then it cannot have a hold on you. And that's what I recognized last year. And I chose to go for it anyway. I hope you will too.

Your Client Attraction Assignment:

Notice what thoughts and emotions come up as you make a commitment to walk boldly into the next step in your business and purpose for being self-employed. Make a list. Write them down. Then, as you read your list, in the margin, I'd like you to label that emotion. 1) Love, or 2) Fear. Which is it based on? I'll bet just about anything that it's based on fear.

When you recognize this, you can choose to stay in fear or recognize that you are being "played" by your ego and that it doesn't actually exist. That all this is fake. And you can choose to act in spite of what's come up for you.

Listen; let's admit that this will happen a lot more in the beginning. But when you see this happen over and over again, and you recognize it, the hold the ego has on you will begin to diminish considerably. (It has with me, and each time I step into my next level, the fear is much smaller.)

Now, imagine yourself standing at the doorway of your BIG vision and future. You've got your hand on the doorknob. You're ready to step in but you hear "voices" behind you begging you to play small and stay safe. Inside though, you know that these are all smoke and mirrors, that they're not real.

You have two options: 1) Walk through the door anyway, because you have no choice but to be your best self and stop playing a mediocre game. Or 2) Stay small because of fear, living a beige existence for the rest of your life. You choose.

Personally, I'm walking through. And I'm betting on my faith that it will turn out OK, if not WAY better than OK. The alternative is just not acceptable. What about you? What will you do? I'm hoping you walk through that door with me.

Fabienne Fredrickson, The Client Attraction Mentor, is founder of the Client Attraction System , the proven step-by-step program that shows you exactly how to attract more clients, in record time...guaranteed. To get your F.R.E.E. Audio CD by mail and receive her weekly marketing & success mindset articles on attracting more high-paying clients and dramatically increasing your in.come, visit

Friday, October 1, 2010

Self Doubt

One of my goals is to get rid of self-defeating thinking. Part of that is taking responsibility for how I think, which also goes into taking responsibility for what I do (or don't do). My business isn't going to grow unless I actually "DO" something instead of just "THINK" about it, find more inspiration in this article here